Some of the initial ideas Emerging Nepal hopes to study, research and potentially engage in, with the Government and other stakeholders include:

    • Asset Management Company
    • Commodity Exchange
    • Infrastructure Bank
    • Private Stock Exchange
    • Credit Rating or Other Rating Processes & Platforms
    • Specialized Funds such as Debt Fund, Private Equity Funds
    • Private University
    • Global Tie-ups with leading institutions
    • Skill Development through Proper Infrastructure and Global Collaboration
    • Fast-tracking Privatization of Government Units which are sick/shut down/uncompetitive  Privatization could be outright sale/long lease
    • Unlocking Dead Assets in Government Companies such as Land via long term leases
    • Specialized Agro Finance Institution
    • Cold Chain or Other Logistic Infrastructure
    • Scale Farming
    • Hydropower
    • Solar Energy
    • Others

The above list is by no means a comprehensive list. But, serves to give an indication of the range of areas and activities that Emerging Nepal would hope to play a role in.

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