What is Emerging Nepal?

  • A Public-Private Equity platform dedicated to creating opportunities for all.
  • Our Organization aims to enable private and public sector to work together to expedite development of economic and social infrastructures and generate socio-economic solutions. We provide institutional, financial and technical facilitation services to all potential investors in order to achieve higher economic growth and quality job creation.

Our Mission

  • “Exploring opportunities and turning them into reality for better Nepal”

Our Vision

  • “Becoming sound and credible organization for smart socio-economic solutions and infrastructures development.”

How are we composed of?

  • Our Board comprises of independent, highly credible, reputable senior figures from private sector, government and civil services.
  • We have a pool of sector experts and analysts.
  • We have an organic structure that can adapt to any situation with the core aim of effective delivery of services.

Our Founding Principles

  • Highest degree of integrity
  • Value creation
  • Sound governance

What Do We Do?

  • We are a public-private partnership: the private sector brings investment, management and expertise; the public sector ensures transparency and accountability to the society we work in. Collectively, we facilitate to promote a better investment climate in Nepal. We are strategically aligned with government in accelerating investments in the area of national priorities with sound business principles.

What Sectors Do We Focus On?

  • We work across all socio-economic spectrums, focusing particularly on: renewable energy, tourism, agriculture, financial services, management consulting and human capacity building. We consider that promotion of efficiency and productivity in all sectors carries special significance to the work we do.

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